Pappy's BBQ Joint

5265 Trans-Canada Hwy, Belfast, PE C0A 1A0, Canada


Saturday October 1

6 pm

What to Know:

Please note this is a licensed event. Attendees must be 19+ years of age to attend.

An entire Prince Edward Island grass fed cow will be open pit roasted for many hours on end. Using only locally sourced maple hardwood and lovingly mopped with Pappy’s own Dang Fine Mop Sauce we will cook it until it’s just “fall off the bone” ready.

Accompanying and complementing this beast of a feast will be a harvest of the best fall vegetables farmed on PEI. Wrapped and coal roasted in the embers of our pit fires the flavours of these vegetables will be an explosion of taste and texture exemplifying everything our little yet mighty province offers.

Not to be overshadowed or missed will be our desserts. Offering a selection of pies, crumbles and cakelettes made in house and featuring the last of the fruits and berries of the season.

Not that we felt it was needed that we add anything to this culinary feast. It’s never stopped us before, therefore we’ve decided it was important that we offer some liquid deliciousness to compliment your meal. That’s why we’ve partnered with Copper Bottom Brewery to exclusively brew the perfect fall beer for us.


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