Deep Roots Distillery

2100 N York River Rd, Warren Grove, PE C0A 1H5, Canada


Thursday, September 26
Thursday, October 3
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19+ Drink Included Experience Local Craft Beverage

In this hands-on workshop, guests will roll up their sleeves and become a true distiller for the day! Each participant can walk away with a full-size bottle of gin – their very own creation, infused with their unique blend of flavors and crafted with care. Event takes place fom 6:00-9:00 p.m. and includes a gin cocktail and sampling throughout the experience!

Promising to captivate and educate enthusiasts in the art of distilling, and under the guidance of our master distillers, guests will learn the intricacies of distillation, from selecting the finest local ingredients to mastering the art of flavour infusion. Throughout the workshop, guests will have the opportunity to experiment with botanicals, fine-tuning their gin recipe to perfection. Each session will accommodate small groups, fostering collaboration and ensuring every attendee receives personalized attention.

Please note: Purchasing a “Up to 4 People” ticket type guarantees your own still. You can bring a maximum of 4 people with this ticket type, and will share this same still. This ticket type ensures 2 (two) bottles of product to take home.

The Menu:

A gin cocktail will be included, alongside some sampling throughout the experience!


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