Valley Pearl Oysters

6983 PE-12, Tyne Valley, PE C0B 2C0, Canada


Saturday October 7

4 pm

On The Menu:

Mussels, Beef, Pork, Local Craft Beer, Wine Pairing

What to Know:

19+ Drink Included Entertainment Experience Music Outdoors Seafood Self-Serve Standing Transportation Walkable

3rd Annual Sip N’ Slurp

Y’all ready for a downright awesome evening of sipping and slurping? Join us  to Sip N Slurp, the roving event that’s all about capturing the spirit of a good ol’ kitchen party. Get ready to step into a whimsical world where mouth watering aromas fill the air and a whole symphony of flavors is waitin’ to tickle your taste buds. It’s all about oysters and local brews. 

The event location, outside Valley Pearl Oysters, will host  local breweries, cider producers, and oyster processors who know their stuff and ain’t afraid to show it. You’ll have the chance to sip on the finest brews, made with love and know-how, and savor the freshest oysters, handpicked and presented with all the care in the world.

And folks, we can’t forget the music! Talented musicians will be strummin’ and pickin’ all night long, creatin’ an atmosphere that’s just right for kickin’ back, relaxin’, and enjoyin’ the flavors all around you.

So grab your friends, bring along your appetite, and come on down to Sip N Slurp for a laid-back and down-home evening of good company, great flavors, and unforgettable memories. This is the kind of event where passion and down-to-earth goodness come together, guaranteein’ a darn good time for all. Y’all better not miss it!

* Local accommodation packages will be available with select accommodation operators near the Tyne Valley area*