The PEI Fall Flavours Festival Social Media Toolkit 

Welcome to the PEI Fall Flavours Festival social media toolkit! Thank you for partnering with PEI Fall Flavours Festival to bring to life an incredible culinary celebration showcasing the tastes, the people, and the places that make Canada’s Food Island a must-visit destination for food lovers.

With your help, from September 8th to October 8th, PEI will be hustling and bustling with excitement around every corner as we put the best of what the Island has to offer on display.

We have put together this toolkit to help event and adventure organizers promote their events, the festival and all there is to see and do on PEI during the fall. The toolkit is jammed packed with resources that can help you create social media content to make your event and adventure get noticed by consumers and sell more tickets!

If you require any help or are looking for resources that are not in the toolkit, please reach out. 

Let’s Connect and Collaborate!

The PEI Fall Flavours Festival team is here to help! If you have any questions, need help brainstorming, or want to run an idea by someone, never hesitate to pick up the phone and call us, drop us an email or send a meeting request. Our team is here to help you showcase the best ingredients, venues, talent and experiences the island has.

Kelli Corcoran
Project Manager, PEI Fall Flavours Festival

Leah Deveau
Marketing Manager, PEI Fall Flavours Festival

Social Media Accounts to Follow/Tag & Our Websites:

IG: @fallflavourspei
FB: @fallflavourspei
Twitter: @fallflavourspei

PEI Fall Flavours Festival:

Canada’s Food Island:

Hashtags to Use:

#fallfalvourspei #canadasfoodisland #peifoodstory  

Additional Hashtag Suggestions:

#pei #princeedwardisland #peifoood #peibeef #peipotatoes #peilobster #peimussels #peioysters #lovelocalpei #discoverpei #explorepei 

Key Messaging to Convey + Call To Actions

1. Prince Edward Island is Canada’s Food Island

  • Here, you can see where your food comes from and connect with the people who grow and harvest it. We’re world renowned for our incredible ingredients, including lobster, oysters, mussels, beef, and potatoes, but our most exceptional ingredient is our people.
  • Our Island is home to countless farmers, fishers, chefs, food entrepreneurs, and generations of food lovers passionate about harvesting, creating, and sharing the best food and drink.

2. Your Food Story Starts Here

  • We encourage you to share your PEI Food Story while experiencing the PEI Fall Flavours Festival presented by Sobeys! Whether you live here or you’re ‘just’ visiting, use #FallFlavoursPEI and #PEIFoodStory to share your favourite food experiences on #CanadasFoodIsland and for the chance to be featured on our socials!

3. The PEI Fall Flavours Festival presented by Sobeys – 5 Ws


    • An extraordinary celebration of the deeply-rooted traditions, top-notch ingredients, and exceptional talents that make PEI a must-visit culinary destination. 
    • First launched in 2007, the Festival has grown by leaps and bounds over the past 15 years and is an 
    • Award-winning premier culinary festival that takes guests to the heart of what makes Canada’s Food Island one-of-a-kind – the places, people, and ingredients 


    • September 8th to October 8th, 2022


    • Island-wide, from tip-to-tip and shore-to-shore
    • In rural communities and our two main cities
    • On fishing wharves, overlooking a historic horse driving park, on sandy shores, under barn rafters.


    • Celebrity guest chefs from across Canada, talented chefs from across PEI, and a few special guest hosts.
    • Passionate PEI farmers, fishers, and food producers
    • Incredible PEI musicians and entertainers 
    • Friendly Islanders ready to serve up warm hospitality


    • To celebrate the incredible foodscape of Canada’s Food Island
    • To provide visitors and Islanders alike with unique food experiences 
    • To showcase our incredible PEI ingredients and talents

4. Experience Canada’s Food Island During the Peak Harvest Season

  • There’s no better time to experience the tastes of Canada’s Food Island than during the fall harvest season. It’s like Christmas for chefs as they search out the freshest ingredients and craft culinary creations that will wow your taste buds!
  • Check out the PEI Fall Flavours Festival presented by Sobeys restaurant directory and make plans to enjoy a fall-inspired harvest meal at one or more of the Island’s beloved gems.
  • Make your visit extra special by visiting a farmers’ market, stopping at a farm stand, or booking a culinary adventure where you can meet local farmers or fishers and learn the ropes from a bonafide expert

5. We’ve Got the Awards Chops, Too! 

  • Did you know that in 2019 the PEI Fall Flavours Festival presented by Sobeys won the Tourism Industry Association of Canada Award in the Culinary Tourism category. It’s a huge honour and reinforces what organizers and attendees have known since day one –   the PEI Fall Flavours Festival presented by Sobeys is an outstanding, one-of-a-kind celebration.

6. 2022 Marks The BIGGEST Fall Flavours Festival to Date

  • This year, the PEI Fall Flavours Festival is hosting over 19 Signature and Taste of Coastal Community Events – that’s more than ever before
  • You’ll still enjoy an intimate culinary experience, with many of the Festival events capped at 150 or fewer guests.
  • While there are new events this year, we anticipate high demand so it’s still super important to buy your tickets early to avoid disappointment! 

7. Be an early bird, get a 10% discount before August 1st 

  • Tickets for Festival events will go on sale June 21st
  • You are encouraged to buy your tickets early for two reasons:
    • Many/all events are expected to sell out fast!
    • You’ll get a 10% discount on tickets to most events if you purchase before August 1st

8. Authentic & Smaller-Scale Events

  • All PEI Fall Flavours Festival presented by Sobeys events are designed to provide guests with a truly authentic Island experience. We don’t know how to do things in half-measure here on PEI. You can look forward to a truly immersive Island experience at the Festival.

9. You can still experience and TASTE Canada’s Food Island before/after your visit!

  • Check out Canada’s Food Island’s curated recipe database, and remember to ask for PEI products when you’re grocery shopping 
  • Follow our Local Food Advocates to enjoy outtakes of Canada Food Island  all year-round
  • Order PEI Gift Boxes for yourself/those you love – PEI lobster delivered straight to your door? Yum! 

    Tips and Tricks for Crafting Social Media Posts 

    Photos, videos, blogs, and other types of content that showcase:

    • When writing social media posts, keep the 4 C’s Formula top of mind, you want your posts to be Clear, Concise, Compelling and Credible.
    • Infuse personality into your posts. For example, if your event has an outdoor laid back  kitchen party feel, let that come through.
    • Ensure that you use images or video with your posts- Check the Fall Flavours Social Media Assets to find images you can use to promote your event.
    • Make sure your posts have a strong Call to Action (CTA). CTA examples are:
      • Click here to purchase tickets and include the URL link
      • Learn more about this one-of-a-kind event and include the URL to the event listing

    Types of Content to Share/Tag With Fall Flavours Festival and Canada’s Food Island 

    Photos, videos, blogs, and other types of content that showcase:

    • A sneak peek of the FF event you are organizng/attending. Reveal tidbits of what guests can expect at the event
    • People (chefs, brewers, farmers, fishers) that are contributing to FF experience in one way or another 
    • Food/drink content (e.g. image of a lobster roll, spotlight on a local restaurant, etc.)
    • Farm/fishing-related content
    • Scenery/imagery that celebrates and showcases PEI, particularly as it relates to  agricultural and fishing 
    • Anything else that celebrates Canada’s Food Island and/or the PEI Fall Flavours Festival

    3 Ways to Use the Fall Flavours Website to Share Content

    We know creating engaging content about your FF event can be time-consuming and challenging, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are 3 easy ways to spread the word by using the Fall Flavours website:

    • TRIP PLANNER – encourage folx to use the fantastic trip planner on the FF website to plan every food-related experience during their visit to Canada’s Food Island
    • EVENT CALENDAR  – direct folx to the FF event calendar so they can get the lay of the land, review menus, and then buy their tickets
    • CHEF BIOS – Learn more about the chefs that will be cooking up a storm at the FF Festival, including local talents and guest chefs from across Canada

    3 Ways to Use Canada’s Food Island Website to Share Content 

    Here are a few more ideas/suggestions for ways to showcase Canada’s Food Island and generate interest amongst folx planning to visit the Fall Flavours Festival (or unable to attend, but interested in enjoying PEI food at home!):

    • RECIPES – share existing recipes on IG, FB, Twitter and Pinterest + your eNewsletter. Plus, please also ADD recipes to the website 🙂 .
    • FOOD LOVERS –  Follow our Local Food Advocates and share their content. Many of them will tag you directly when in your region, making it super easy to share their great content.
    • HIGHLIGHT OUR AMAZING FOOD – Share ‘What’s in Season’, Share the Eat & Drink Guide.

    PEI Fall Flavours Festival Social Media Assets

    Here you’ll find social media posts that can be used as you please! We ask that you tag @fallflavourspei and #peifoodstory when sharing these pots! 

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    Fall Flavours


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    Fall Flavours image files:

    Imagery Download

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