Top 10 thing we missed about the PEI Fall Flavours Festival in 2020

Sunday, October 4, 2020, marked what would’ve been the last day of the 2020 edition of the PEI Fall Flavours Festival. Although we couldn’t celebrate the festival together in the traditional sense this year, we wanted to reminisce with you about what we missed. Take a trip down memory lane with us and feel free to share your favourite memories about attending a Fall Flavours events with us on our social media platforms.

We look forward to the day when we can safely welcome you to Canada’s Food Island again!

1. The People

We miss you! The people who come from all over the world to visit Prince Edward Island, better known as Canada’s Food Island, to experience our amazing culinary community, the places and our people that make the PEI Fall Flavours such a joyous and delicious celebration year after year. We can’t wait to welcome you back to Canada’s Food Island when it’s safe and healthy for us to be together again.

2. The Places

Prince Edward Island’s natural beauty, warm hospitality and exceptional products are some of the reasons people consider it to be a special place. PEI has many small and beautiful communities that host Signature, Taste of Coastal Communities, Culinary events and adventures. We’re proud to have so many communities from tip-to-tip involved in the festival. We miss travelling the roads and visiting these communities and having them showcase their community and talents to the world! 

3. Our line-up of Celebrity and local Chefs

Each year the PEI Fall Flavours Festival showcases an impressive line-up of Canada’s top chefs from all over the nation to cook and collaborate with local PEI chef’s. They work together to bring you the outstanding meals and lively programming the festival is known for. We miss welcoming festival favourites like Chef Michael Smith, Chef Lynn Crawford, Chef Chuck Hughes, Chef Corbin, Chef Mark McEwan and more to our little Island! 

4. Toe Tappin’ Music

What’s an event without a little music? At Fall Flavours, we love to showcase our local and authentic Island talent at every event. Whether it be traditional Acadian musicians, fiddles, guitars, local singer-songwriter or nationally known musicians, we miss those toe-tapping good times had at Fall Flavours events. 

5. Sharing our PEI Lobster

Lobster love! We love lobster, and we know a lot of you do too! We miss cookin’ up some fresh and ‘clawsome’ Island lobster for you to enjoy at various events but most notably, Lobster Party on the Beach where we celebrate this Crustacean as close to the source as possible! 

6. Sharing our PEI Beef

We’re so proud to produce premium quality beef on Prince Edward Island. We miss being able to share different cuts of meat at various events but most notably, Beef and Blues. We miss welcoming you to Summerside, the City by the Sea, to enjoy numerous cuts of our top-notch beef with a top-notch blues band, this food and music truly soothe the soul! 

7. Sharing our PEI Oysters

There’s nothing better than enjoying a fresh PEI oyster, especially when we’re so close to the source! We miss those shucking good times at the Fall Flavours events but most notably at Oysters on the Pier in North Cape and the International PEI Shellfish Festival in Charlottetown. 

8. Sharing our PEI Mussels

We miss flexin’ our culinary mussels for our month-long festival! Mussels are a popular dish at most of our receptions throughout the whole festival. They are also a popular ingredient in dishes like the seafood chowder! No matter how it’s showcased, it’s always a treat to enjoy a Prince Edward Island mussel on… PEI! 

9. Sharing our PEI Potatoes

We miss all the ‘Spudtacular’ guests! Our rich red soil produces some of the best potatoes in the world! We’re so proud of all of our farmers who work all year tirelessly so we can feature PEI potatoes on the menus at Fall Flavours events. Most notably, Toe Taps & Taters where we gather in an actual potato warehouse and eat and dance the night away! 

10. Celebrations

And finally, we miss celebrating! We can’t say it enough; we miss celebrating the best ingredients, exceptional talent, and unique venues that are found at the PEI Fall Flavours Festival. We can’t wait to safely and healthily welcome you back to PEI and the PEI Fall Flavours Festival for a month-long culinary celebration showcasing the tastes, the people and the places that make Canada’s Food Island a must-visit destination for food lovers!

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