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What Fall Flavours Events Suit Your Style?

There are SO many culinary events and adventures to choose from at the PEI Fall Flavours Festival. Let’s face it, you’re going to have to narrow down your options at some point.  We’ve put together a ‘style guide’ to help you find the perfect FIT for you.

You’re the Life of the Party

Photo Credit: Alex Douglas

You’re often the first one on the dance floor and may even have started a conga line or two in your time. You love when your food is paired with laughter, energetic vibes, live music and maybe a vino, craft beer or freshly-made cocktail.  Your theme song may very well be ‘Let’s Get This Party Started’.

Find your party groove at:

Lobster Party on the Beach – September 8

Beef N’ Blues – September 13

The PEI International Shellfish Festival – September 19 to 22

Taste of North Rustico – September 27

Habour Feast – October 5

You Like to Get off the Beaten Path

Photo Credit: Canada’s Food Island

While most people rely on a GPS to guide them to their next destination, you prefer to wing it without a map. For you, the journey IS the destination. When you hit up a new city, you like to find the hidden gems that only the locals know about, and when you’re in the countryside all roads are fair game, even the ones that are one narrow lane of red dirt!

You’ll love these Festival gems:

Taste of Georgetown – September 5

Oysters on the Pier – September 7

Seaside Sunset Dinner Series at Wheelhouse in Georgetown – September 4, 11, and 18

Farm to Table – September 5, 12, 18 & 25

Supreme of the South Shore – September 14

Fam is Your Jam

Photo Credit: Discover Charlottetown

There’s nothing that means more to you than spending time with the ones you love most. You might or might not drive a minivan, but either way you appreciate their practicality. You drive your kids nuts singing ‘We Are Family’ and they drive you nuts singing every single song from Frozen, but in the end, you wouldn’t want it any other way. They’re your home team after all.

Bring the whole gang to these family-friendly events and adventures:

Le Festin acadien avec homard – August 30

Deep Sea Fishing with On Board BBQ- August 30 to October 6

Beachcomber’s Claim Boil – August 30 to October 6

The Great Island Grilled Cheese Challenge – September 15

Applelicious – September 27, 30 & October 4

Farm Day in the City – October 6

You’re Always Up for Making New Friends

Photo Credit: Canada’s Food Island

A stranger is just a friend waiting to happen. You’ve been known to strike up conversations in grocery store lines (or even the DMV) and your friend list on Facebook is over 1,000. You’ve probably read ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’. You’re in your happy place when making new friends or spending time with old friends. Breaking the ice at a gathering comes naturally to you.

Make new friends or catch up with old ones at:

Supreme of the South Shore -September 14

Savour Victoria – September 21

Chuck & Friends – September 22

The PEI Beer Festival – September 27 & 28

You Love a Good Drama

 Photo Credit: Alex Douglas

Whether it’s a Broadway show, a binge-worthy Netflix show, or an intense competition, you live for a bit of spectacle. You’re probably like wearing bold colours and statement pieces. It’s entirely likely that you’ve entered a karaoke contest before or you were the star of your high school’s musical.  All the world’s a stage, as Shakespeare would say.

Get your fill of drama (the good kind) and dramatic flavours at:

Roma Gala Heritage Feast – September 14

Taste Our Island Roving Feast – September 21

The Great PEI Bake-Off – September 28

Chef’s Island – October 4

You Live for Food. Really, Really Outstanding Food

Photo Credit: Canada’s Food Island

OK, this one’s easy. Above all else (except *maybe* your spouse), your true love is food. Everyone comes to you for advice on which restaurants to eat at, which food festivals to check out (obviously you recommend The PEI Fall Flavours Festival), and which recipe books to buy.  You are THE foodie in your friend circle, a title you’ve earned due to your formidable knowledge of the culinary world and/or your intense passion for all things food-related. In any case, it’s always the food that stokes your fire.

Discover your food bliss at:

An Exclusive Evening at Red Shores with Chef Ned Bell – September 11

The Ultimate Chef’s Table with Todd Perrin – September 26

By the Sea, Under the Harvest Moon – September 28

Grilling and Chilling – October 6

Adventure is Your Middle Name

Photo Credit: Canada’s Food Island

No matter what you’re doing, you like to get IN on the action, rather than stand on the sidelines. If you were at an improv comedy night and they asked for audience volunteers, you’d be the first to raise your hand. And suffice to say that you relish the idea of getting out of your comfort zone, from learning something brand new to trying tandem skydiving. You’d probably share Helen Keller’s famous quote “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all” on your Facebook page, but you’re too busy out adventuring!

Find your next adventure at:

Toe Taps & Taters – September 6

Tong & Shuck – August 30 to October 6

Lobster Lovers – September 1 – 30 (select days)

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